Hawkstone will have approximately 535 single family homes and 1350 Multi Family units for a total population of approximately 4,500 residents.

The concept plan was approved in 2010 and the amended concept plan was approved in October 2012.

In addition to the residential component, Hawkstone will also have commercial development.

Hawkstone is conveniently located to many amenities such as retail and service outlets, schools, library, NW leisure centre and parks.


Phase 1 and 2 has 150 single family homes, 150 townhouse condominiums, and 180 rental apartments.

Servicing of these sites began in October 2011 and was completed in October 2012.

Home construction started in the summer of 2012.


Servicing in Phase 3 was completed in the fall of 2014. At full build out, Phase 3 will have 126 front attached single family homes, 87 single family lane homes, and 126 attached homes.


Hawkstone is a master planned community and includes Regina’s top builders for the single family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

The builders are; Gilroy Homes, Sthamann Homes, Varsity Homes, Daytona Homes and Homes by Dream, Crawford Homes, and Pacesetter Homes.

Pekarbilt Homes and Commercial will be developing around 70 townhomes in their Bordeaux development.

Gilroy Homes and Varsity Homes will be developing around 80 townhomes on in Hawkstone Village.

Seymour Pacific has built 356 rental apartments in their Henderson Meadows development.

Altern has built 112 rental apartments in their Madison Ridge and Madison Manor development.


Will there be bus service in Hawkstone?

Plans are under way to have bus service to Hawkstone in the fall of 2015.

Will Rochdale Boulevard connect to Albert Street?

No it will not. During the concept plan approval stage, the traffic studies indicated that an intersection at Rochdale and Albert Street would be unsafe.

When will the park be complete?

The park in Hawkstone was completed in the summer of 2015.

When will Argyle Street be built?

We expect that Argyle Street will be built when the commercial development on the west side of Argyle begins. The start date for the commercial is unknown at this time but we do not expect any commercial development until after 2015.

What is happening with the land between Walmart and Hawkstone?

The owner of the land has made an application to the City for development of the site. For a copy of the concept plan and timing of the development, please contact the City of Regina planning department.

There seems to be a lot of Multi Family in Hawkstone. Why?

Regina is growing and residents who have lived here for a long time are beginning to recognize the benefits of a growing city. We have found that in order to meet the growing demand for housing, many different forms of housing need to be introduced. For example, apartments for rent are not new to Regina. It is just that until recently, there have not been many new apartments constructed.

I want to rent an apartment. Who should I call?

Please contact Broadstreet Properties or Deveraux Developments.

I want to live in Hawkstone. What should I do?

We invite you to contact one of the participating builders in Hawkstone. They will be able to help you with your purchase of a new home.

Can I purchase a lot in Hawkstone and build my own home?

No, with our master planned community, homes can only be purchased through one of our participating single family builders.

Argyle will be a busy street running by two schools. Why?

Argyle has always been planned to be an arterial road as you can see by the existing street right now. There are traffic calming measures that can be implemented to provide for a safe road. Most of the people using the connection between Hawkstone and the existing neighbourhoods will be local residents and we expect that they will respect the school zone speed limits.

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